Stratasys Down Nearly 5% After Earnings Release Wednesday

A day after 3D Systems reported quarterly earnings and surged in trading on Wall Street, Stratasys reported their earnings Thursday morning and the stock is heading in the opposite direction.

Quarterly revenue for Stratasys came in below expectations - as did 3D Systems' yesterday - and the company posted its 4th straight quarter of year over year revenue declines (same for 3D Systems). However, Stratasys did outperform on earnings expectations, coming in at $0.12 per share against an expected $0.06.

"We were pleased to achieve further improvements in our operational performance during the second quarter," Stratasys CEO Ilan Levin said in the earnings release today. "Compared to the first quarter, we observed stronger margins and a substantial increase in non-GAAP operating profit."

Shares of the company are down nearly 5% an hour away from Thursday's stock market close.  Shares of 3D Systems were up over 18% yesterday after it reported earnings, which included a miss on revenue but a earnings per share of $0.12 against an expected $0.06.  Nearly and identical report to 3D Systems just 24 hours earlier.

"We believe that our technological platforms and customer reach are unmatched within the industry and represent assets with significant potential for further development,” Levin continued. “The central principle of our strategy is meeting the needs of customers by further leveraging our core assets to cultivate new and more advanced capabilities for prototyping and manufacturing applications within key vertical markets. Providing enhanced additive manufacturing value to our customers is our number one priority.”

Both Stratasys and 3D Systems are facing a brand new challenge in the form of HP, which has its new 3d printer with a few corporate clients already and is expected to eat into the two competitor's market shares in the automotive, aerospace and health care sectors.

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