This Company in Boston Will 3D Print Your New Men’s Jacket

Two MIT grads have launched the country’s first in store experience that will fully 3d print a men’s jacket.
Male customers can walk into their Ministry of Supply store in Boston and have a comfortable, customized blazer 3d printed for them in about one hour. And this won’t be your average, stiff, department store blazer.
“We’re the first generation going to work that grew up [wearing] Nike dry-fit, Under Armour and [all of these] performance technology brands that we take for granted now,” Aman Advani, a co-founder of the brand said recently. “So when we showed up for our first day of work and were told we had to wear these super stiff, dry-clean-only, non-breathable, sweat-stain-inducing suits, we just didn’t tolerate it.”
The technology that allows the store to create a more comfortable blazer option lies in a machine that takes knitting to a whole new level — 3d knitting.
“Our whole mission as a company has been to use design and technology together to create this new category of pants, blazers, and outerwear,” Gihan Amarasiriward, the other company co-founder explained to the Boston Globe.
The fabrics being used are designed to provide for greater flexibility, along with moisture and odor lock. It’s essentially merging the comfortability of workout clothes to the professionalism of business attire.
“We’re starting off with blazers, but the beauty of the machine is that, once you develop this core product, you’re able to make extensions to it very easily,” Advani says.
Right now, your 3d printed blazer will cost $345.

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