Thyssenkrupp to 3D Print Parts for It's Customers

It's the second day in a row that a German industrial giant announces a large investment into 3d printing.  Yesterday it was Siemens and today its Thyssenkrupp, the multinational company famous for their elevators.
At the world's largest industrial trade show in Hanover, Thyssenkrupp said that it's already purchased the 3d printers for it's new production center and it has already hired the people that will run it.  The role of 3d printing center will be to produce small batch parts for the companies numerous products - including submarines and elevators - and to reduce costs by reducing the number of parts needed to create their products.
thyssenkrupp 3d printing
Creating layer by layer with 3d printing, instead of cutting out large blocks of steel as the company currently does, allows engineers and completely rethink the way their products are made.
"We have decided ... to establish our own 3D printing center. We have invested already into the machines. We have invested already in the people—they are there. They are already producing," said Hans-Josef Hoss, an executive board member of Thyssenkrupp Materials Services division said in Hanover.
"We start from the engineering side and deliver the final product with all aftersales and related services."
At the same trade show, General Electric announced they've reduced the weight of one of their helicopter engines by 60% with 3d printing in the last year, and have reduced the cost by 40%, according to US News and World Report.
angela merkel germany 3d printing
In other news from the trade show, German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a full color 3d printed replica of herself, and she loved it. 


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