Top 3D Printing Stories This Week: May 12th

Every Friday, we pick 3 of the week’s most interesting stories from the world of 3d printing.

If you want to understand how cars, planes, buildings and military systems will be made in the years ahead, check out the stories below — some that we published and some from other sources.

1.  Massive 3D Prints with New 3D Printer: Blackbelt

There are a variety of projects going on around the world which are attempting to substantially increase the size of 3d printable objects.  

They include research for the auto industry going at Ford, using Stratasys technology, and a project undertaken by MIT researchers for the housing industry.

Then there's Blackbelt.  

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blackbelt 3d printer

2.  HP Getting Ramping Up Supply of Supposed Gamechanging 3D Printer

After announcing its first revenue from sales, HP Inc. today said it is now focused on scaling up its Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing business that it believes will rival standard manufacturing technologies, such as injection molding. 

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hp multi jet fusion 3d printer


3. Chinese Sports Brand Creates 3D Printed Sneaker

The Chinese sports equipment company Peak Sport is jumping into the action with Adidas, Nike and Under Armour to 3d print their customer's sneakers.

The news came in an announcement from the company this week as they showed off their first sneaker to be 3d printed, emphasizing their interest in using the technology continuously.

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