Top 3D Printing Stories This Week: May 19th

Every Friday, we pick 3 of the week’s most interesting stories from the world of 3d printing.

If you want to understand how cars, planes, buildings and military systems will be made in the years ahead, check out the stories below — some that we published and some from other sources.

1.  Meet the 18 Year Old That Just 3D Printed the World's Smallest Satellite

An 18 year old engineer from India just created the world's lightest satellite and it will be launched into space next month with the help of NASA rocketry and 3d printing.

His name is Rifath Sharook and his design of a cube shaped satellite weighing just 0.14 pounds won a contest sponsored by NASA to create a sub-orbital satellite that can read temperature.

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3d printed satellite

2.  3D Printed Boat Propellers Being Tested in the Netherlands 

Damen Shipyards Group of the Netherlands is to develop the world's first class-approved 3D printed ship propeller, the company announced on Wednesday.  The effort will be undertaken as part of a consortium with RAMLAB, Promarin, Autodesk and Bureau Veritas, the company said.
3d printed boat propeller
3. Don't Buy Your Children Spinner Toys, 3D Print Them Spinner Toys
Stores can't keep them in stock. Parents are scrambling to find them. And some schools have banned them.  That's from the Associated Press this week.  They continued: "The mania for fidget spinners — the 3-inch twirling gadgets taking over classrooms and cubicles — is unlike many other toy crazes. They're not made by a major company, timed for the holiday season, or promoted in TV commercials. They're more easily found at gas stations or 7-Eleven than at big toy chains."
Well, instead of running around trying to find spinners, why don't you just 3d print them?
3d printed spinner toy

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