Top 5 3D Prints for Super Bowl 51

This Sunday night, the New England Patriots will set a league record with their 9th appearance in a Super Bowl, and the Atlanta Falcons will look to stop Tom Brady from collecting his 5th championship. 
So we thought to ourselves this morning: what can we and our readers and customers 3d print for the Super Bowl before Sunday night?  We've got you covered below.
1). The Lombardi Trophy
At the end of the game, one team will be handed the Lombardi Trophy, which is the NFL's top prize.  If you want your own Lombardi trophy for the table, 3d print yours here from Thingiverse.
vince lombardi trophy 3d print
2. Football Shaped Cookie Cutter
If you're making cookies for the game, don't just make round ones.  Who wants that?  Make football shaped cookies using this 3d printable Football Cookie Cutter.
football cookie cutter
3. New England Patriots Themed Coasters
Why should you and your guests put drinks down on standard coasters?  Make Patriots themed ones if that's the team your house is pulling for and get in the game!
new england patriots 3d print coaster
4. Atlanta Falcons Themed Coasters
The same goes for Falcons fans and people pulling for them on Sunday night.  Don't use any old coaster, 3d print yourself and your guests Atlanta Falcons' themed coasters and turn up the volume.
atlanta falcons coaster 3d print
5. Football Party Picks
Don't just bring out a bunch of food for the game.  Bring it out with football party picks on top of the food to get everybody excited for the game.  You can 3d print a bunch of them here from Pinshape.
football party picks

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