Ultimaker Launches Remote Printing in New App

Ultimaker 3 Mobile App

Over the last few years, a few 3d printer companies specializing in desktop machines have separated themselves from the pack as industry leaders. They’re created reliable, well designed and affordable machines but something that’s often overlooked is their focus on software.

Starting and monitoring 3d prints remotely via mobile phones and computers has become relatively easy as companies have built their printers with wifi and cameras, but the next iteration of connectivity continues to be dedicated mobile apps that allow for remote printer management.

This is why Ultimaker launched a revamped version of their app today, designed specifically for their Ultimaker 3 printer, to make it easier for their customers to manage, start and review prints in real-time from any location.

Other companies, like Dremel , Robo and MakerBot also include remote printer management via mobile apps with their newest generation machines, in a bid to make 3d printing as easy as ordering a meal on your phone.

Dremel Idea Builder Mobile App

As these companies figure out how to make the technology easier for users, the mobile app is becoming ever more important. It places a range of features in the hands of their customers in an easy to understand way, instead of downloading open source software that is designed for trained engineers and not the everyday maker.

Kudos to innovation.

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