Under Armour Launches Innovation Center With 3D Printing

Under Armour has brought thousands of jobs to Baltimore since the athletic apparel company was founded nearby almost two decades ago.

Now, as the company expands its footwear and apparel business and partners with brand ambassadors such as Jordan Speith and Stephen Curry, its focused on innovative new products to help the company grow.  To that end, the UA Lighthouse was opened yesterday, a place the company says will be “the proving grounds for developing new, cutting-edge product and efficient manufacturing processes.”

Among those processes are 3d scanning and 3d printing technologies.

“As Under Armour celebrates 20 years in business, we are committed, more than ever, to driving global innovation and continuing to expand our Global Headquarters in our great hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, USA,” said Kevin Plank, Founder and CEO of Under Armour. “The UA Lighthouse will serve as a beacon to make product better, faster, and more efficiently, ultimately solving real problems for athletes and making them better around the world.”

The company has used 3d printing in the past to make protoypes of new shoe designs, and notably released a limited edition batch of 3d printed sneakers back in April to show off their use of the technology,

Footwear companies have been utilizing 3d scanning and 3d printing technologies to a much greater degree of late, and just last month retailer DSW took an equity position in 3d printing footwear startup Feetz.

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