Watch the 3D Printed Solar Powered Vehicle from DOE Drive Around

The Department of Energy has created a vehicle that belongs in a modern day Back to the Future film.

A 3d printed utility vehicle which can send or receive solar power wirelessly from a home base, is up and running and ready to ride at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Based on information from our friends over at AutoBlog's Translogic, who recently rode the vehicle known as the PUV, it can be powered by a 3d printed, solar energy based home module, and the PUV can also send power to the home module if it needs to.

While the vehicle was introduced to the world last year, AutoBlog was granted exclusive access this week, so we have a ton more information available now than when the original announcement came last October.

Using an electric-hybrid propulsion system, with a natural gas generator rigged for extended range, the PUV's body was 3d printed with basic plastic material infused with carbon fiber to provide more strength.

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