With Medal Win Comes 3D Printed Shoes for Adidas Athletes

As sports apparel brands look to showcase the athletes they sponsor in Rio, Adidas is breaking out a completely custom 3d printed shoe for a select group of it's roster.  Those that win medals.

The Futurecraft sneaker which Adidas will make for some of its medal winners is made of knitting up top - providing the foot with more airflow - and a completely 3d printed outsole on the bottom, made to fit the exact contours of each selected athlete's feet.

3d printed shoes adidas olympics

Custom footwear is being explored by a number of companies as it becomes easier to generate accurate 3d data which is sent to increasingly reliable and versatile 3d printers.  Earlier this year in fact, DSW invested into the 3d prinable shoe company Feetz, with the aim of bringing the technology closer to consumers.

Under Armour, for its part, decided to provide Michael Phelps with a pair of 3d printed sneakers ahead of the Olympics, in yet another example of making the shoe a perfect extension of the feet it's protecting.

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