World's First 3D Printing Restaurant Heading to London

The world's first 3d printing restaurant, Food Ink, which debuted as a pop up eatery in the Netherlands earlier this year, is taking its blend of gastronomy and technology to the English capital on July 25.

Back in April the team at Food Ink created meals which included chocolate, cheeses, pizza dough, hummus and other ingredients for diners in Venlo, Netherlands, using 3d printers from Dutch company byFlow.

Following the successful event there, the team will run a 3 day pop up restaurant at East London's trendy Old Truman Brewery.

"A nine-course dinner will be fully 3D-printed live by an international team of chefs, artists and technologists," the company writes.  "As at our Venlo event which took place in April 2016, we will showcase food, eating utensils, and furniture which is entirely produced through 3D-printing. This event will also be livestreamed online, so even those unable to secure a seat at the table can still marvel at the tasty creations being magically 3D-printed right before their eyes."

 The team at Food Ink., which is experimenting at the intersection of customer experiences, technology and dining, plans to host similar events around the globe later this year, hoping to "inspire conversation about the future of sustainable food, nutrition, and health as well as demonstrate how emerging technologies may be changing our dietary and cultural habits."

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