XYZPrinting and Robo 3D Among Best Selling 3D Printers in US

Using data from large retailers, JeeQ Data has released the top selling 3d printers for the first quarter of 2016.

Robo 3D and XYZPrinting were ranked inside the top 3 on both Amazon and Best Buy, while FlashForge was the only other brand represented in both top 10 lists of 3d printers sold.

Using Amazon's customer data, we see that FlashForge, Robo3D, XYZ Printing, Lulzbot and Monoprice made the top 10 for brands, excluding 3d printing pens and the generic Prusa printer, which is made by dozens of different manufacturers.

amazon 3d printers top 10

Best Buy's data was a bit different, with Robo3D, Dremel, XYZPrinting, 3D Systems, MakerBot and FlashForge making the top 10. 3D Systems discontinued it's consumer brand line of 3d printers, so ThreeD Materials does not recommend it the their Cube line of printers to our readers or customers.

best buy 3d printers top 10

The data used here does not provide a definitive guide on the best selling 3d printers, but rather part of the picture from two major US retailers.  Customer reviews, marketing arrangements and inventory issues all help determine how Amazon and Best Buy showcase available 3d printers.

If you need an overview of the best reviewed 3d printers in different price ranges, you can find them in our 2016 3D Printer Guide.  It is the only 3d printing guide available which uses reviews from Amazon, 3D Hubs, PC Magazine, Top Ten Reviews and Tom's Guide, and only includes the printers which have an overall average rating of 7 or higher across at least 3 review sites.



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