You Can Now Print Metal From Your Desktop 3D Printer

The production of 3d printed metal parts has over the years been limited to printers in the seven figure range.  While desktop 3d printers have been capable of printing plastic and nylon prints, companies needing 3d prints made of different metal types needed to make a significant capital expenditure or find a third party capable of metal 3d printing.

Now, a company in Wisconsin is unlocking the key to producing metal 3d prints from any desktop 3d printer capable of printing in PLA, which happens to be just about all of them.

"Filamet has a composition of over 88% metal, which becomes pure metal after a simple process removes the 12% binding material," the company said in a release to reporters.  "This strategy creates a path from inexpensive 3D Printers, to Pure Metal output."

3d printing metal filamet


Copper and bronze are the two current metals available, and while the prints come off any desktop printer at 88% metal, using a kiln, users can ensure there parts are 99.9% metallic.

"Engineers at Lockheed-Martin say we have found the Holy Grail of 3d printing; Pure metal prints from existing desktop printing hardware. It’s quick, it’s painless, and most importantly it leaves you with a 3d printed object made entirely of high-purity metal," said Bradley Wood of The Virtual Foundry, which owns Filamet."

The company currently counts Calvin Klein and the Department of Energy as clients.

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