Zortrax Releases Big Brother 3D Printer M300 for XL Print Jobs

The Zortrax M200 has been one of the darlings of the 3d printing movement in the last couple of years.  Prints come out nicely, the printer is consistent and users express few headaches.

Now, the team behind this printer, is launching a larger version for businesses, schools and makers that need larger prints.

At 11.8 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches, the build volume of the Zortrax M300 will be among the largest available for desktop machines, competing with the Lulzbot Taz 6, Type A Machines Series 1.

"The Zortrax M300 is our direct response to the needs of our customers. They've often indicated the need for a device that is as accurate and reliable as our previous M200 3D printer, but which would allow them to create larger, professional prototypes as a whole - without the necessity of splitting up a project into a series of smaller components,” Rafał Tomasiak, founder and CEO of Zortrax, told reporters.

Customers clearly told Zortrax that connecting prints in order to make the products they needed simply wasn't an optimal process to undertake.

"The M300 is yet another step taken towards simplifying 3D printing for our end users. Eliminating the process of having to connect smaller prototype components makes the entirety of a project less engaging and time-consuming for our customers.”

The M300, like it's smaller compatriate, uses a closed architecture system, which means customers must use the filaments from Zortrax, and not from third party providers.  While this limits customers ability to choose from different material types, it does tend to provide consistently high quality prints.

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