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Polar 3D Printer
polar 3d printer

Polar 3D Printer


3D Printer

Cloud Based Printer Management Software

6 Rolls of 1kg PLA Filament

Full-Time Customer Support

What to Know:

Do you have a smartphone or a computer with a web browser?
Of course you do, and you can control your Polar Printer with it via the Polar Cloud platform.  Other 3D Printers require that you dedicate a computer to control it, and that someone learn and manage new software too — not so with the Polar 3D Printer.
 Load print files, position your build plate and watch live video of your print from any browser. The Polar 3D Printer even takes a time lapse video of every print for you.
With the free Polar Cloud connectivity built into every printer, you can control, start and monitor prints from anywhere in the world. 
With a 314 cubic inch build volume on a printer that weighs only 10lbs, the Polar 3D Printer is advanced, reliable and versatile. 

Build Envelope: 8" Diameter x 6.25" Height (314 cubic inches)
Which Materials Can I Use? 1.75mm PLA, ABS, Carbon Fiber/Wood Composites
Layer Resolution: 50-400 Microns
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm (.015in)
Software: The Polar Cloud
File Types: .stl, .obj, .p3d
Supports: Chromebooks, Mobile Devices, Mac, & PC 
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB

Warranty: Any problems, parts, or errors with your printer will be taken care of right away. Plus when you call for support, you'll get a real person on the phone who knows specifically about fixing Polar3D printers.