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3D Printing Kits and Lesson Plans for Education

3D Printing in School

3D Printing Lessons Plans and 3D Printer School Kits

We offer the most advanced educational suites available for 3d printing, which include lesson plans in science, engineering and math for high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.  Many of the kits include 3d printers, filament consumables, professional development for teachers and customer support.  

Get a full view of available lesson plans and 3d printer kits for high schools, middle schools, elementary schools and science labs.
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Already Have a 3D Printer?

ThreeD Materials provides dozens of 3d printing related lesson plans for science, math and engineering subjects.  For the thousands of schools that already have 3d printers but need standards based curriculums and lesson plans, ThreeD Materials has you covered.
Each school is provided with a dedicated support specialist which you can rely on as a long term partner as you develop your 3d printing capabilities.

Get a full view of available lesson plans for 3d printing.