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3D Printing with Flexible Filament

Easy to use, strong and flexible filaments have arrived for 3d printing.  A material that was once extremely hard to print has been fine tuned in recent years and is now as easy to print as PLA or PETG.  For parts that need rubber like qualities and enough strength to maintain structural integrity, use a flexible filament.

Printing temps: 190-240C

Some best practice tips:

  • Set your build plate temperature to 40-50C during the printing process.
  • If your prints are not sticking well to the build plate, apply a thin layer of glue stick before starting your next print.
  • If you're experience any issues with the layers of your print bonding together, increase your extruder temperature by 5 degrees.
  • Check your filament box and printer type for exact temperature and speed specifications.


Developed  to allow anyone using desktop machines to 3d print parts such s durable prosthesis, cosplay outfits, cell phone cases and high flexible industrial parts.  Flexible with high durability.


A one of a kind, crystal clear filament, designed to have glass like aesthetics, flexibility and durability all-in-one.

ThreeD Flex 

Easy to use flexible filament that comes in a variety of different colors.