3D Printing with Nylon

A surge in the availability of nylon filaments has allowed the world's leading automotive, agricultural, health care, aerospace and educational institutions to leverage 3d printing more effectively.

Combining superior strength, durability, heat resistance and chemical resistance, nylon offers a higher performing 3d printing material than PLA, PETG or ABS.

Printing temps: 230-260C

Some best practice tips:

  • Set your build plate temperature to 45-60C during the printing process.
  • If your prints are not sticking well to the build plate, apply a thin layer of glue stick before starting your next print.
  • If you're experience any issues with the layers of your print bonding together, increase your extruder temperature by 5 degrees.
  • Check your filament box and printer type for exact temperature and speed specifications.

Nylon Bridge

The entry level nylon for 3d printing.  Designed to be strong, easy to use and affordable.

Alloy 910

The easy to print, high performance filament trusted by SpaceX, John Deere and MIT. 

Nylon 645 Black

High strength, chemical resistant Nylon 6 in 3d printable form.  A high performance nylon filament.

Nylon 230

The first nylon filament to print at 230C.  An excellent benchmark nylon material for 3d printing.