All Kinds of 3D Printing Filaments

Use just one support material for every type of filament you 3d print with.  

USM Filament from Dow's new EVOLV3D™line is soluble in water, allowing the support material to be washed away easily and safely, without hazardous caustic baths.

Use USM support filament with PLA, PETG, ABS, Nylon and TPU.

EVOLV3D™ USM overcomes limitations of other support materials through its compatibility with a broad array of popular build materials, a broader print temperature range, easy removal through tap water dissolution at room temperature, and safer disposal of the solution. 

These features significantly increase the design space for additive manufacturing innovators to build complex and functional parts with an array of materials that may have previously been impossible. 3D printing is often done outside of industrial settings (homes and offices) by users who may not have chemical handling training. 

As a non-hazardous material that does not use harsh reagents or generate harmful waste, EVOLV3D USM reduces handling concerns for these individuals and has an improved environmental profile.

Universal: Works with a broad array of popular build materials.

Cost-efficient: No need to stock multiple support materials.

Easy to remove: Dissolves in tap water at room temperature.

Safe to handle: No harsh chemicals needed for cleanup.

Sustainable: Can be washed down the drain.