A Library of 3D Prints

Every week we curate a few of our favorite 3d prints from around the web.  The focus is on practical and fun prints that are useful in everyday life.

They're available below, at no cost.

Coffee Sleeve

Stop throwing away your coffee sleeves at Starbucks, Philz, Peet's, Dunkin or any of the other awesome coffee shops around the country. 

3d print your own and reuse it everyday.


Designer: arieltelsa

Apple AirPod Charging Dock

Make sure your wireless AirPods are always charged up.  This charging dock lets you place your AirPods on the desk or nightstand upright and get fully charged.


Designer: jimbojsb

Easy to Carry Pillbox

Taking any anti-allergy medication as spring pops up?  Carry your pills in this easy to carry box that fits inside your pocket or purse.

Download Part 1

Designer: ccantwell

Easter Bunny Cookie Cutter

Sure, you can buy a bunch of Easter themed treats, but put a little extra effort in this year and bake holiday themed cookies with this Easter Bunny cookie cutter.  Odds are the kids will love it!


Designer: OogieMe

Matzah Holder

We're guessing a 3d printer would have made the 40 year trip through the desert a little bit easier.  This year, hold up your matzah on the Passover table with this 3d printed encasement for the world's most famous unleavened bread.


Designer: itaysp

Easter Eggs

Having people over for an Easter egg hunt? Then be creative and 3d print your very own easter eggs where you can hide chocolate, money or just about anything else inside.

Designer: Jooxoe3i

iPhone X Dock

Keep your iPhone X charging and upright on your desk during the day, or nightstand next to your bed.  There is space for the Apple Lightning cable to be tucked away neatly so that your cords aren't hanging all over the place.


Designer: conny_g

USB and SD Card Holder

We all do it.  We have USB drives and SD cards laying around in drawers and end up losing them.  Keep your digital storage organized with this USB and SD card holder with space for different sized storage devices.


Designer: Lalo_Solo

Apple Watch Charging Stand

Stop forgetting to charge your Apple Watch every night and lay it down on this compact charging stand.  The stand neatly tucks the USB cable away during charging.


Designer: evancli

Shopping Bag Handle

Impress your family by taking in multiple bags at a time without looking like you're trying to hard.  Stack your shopping bags nicely next to each other with this beautifully designed handle.

Designer: ivanseidel

Apply TV Remote Stand

Don't lose your Apple TV remote anymore.  Stack it nicely near your television with this efficiently designed stand.

Designer: cookie1

Tree Bookmark

It's one of the simplest prints you can dream up, but it's one of our favorites.  The good old fashioned bookmark keeps you organized and with 3d printing, you can always change them up from one month to the next.

Designer: bpormentilla


This easy print helps you create fresh orange juice for the entire family to enjoy.  Get your vitamin C with freshly squeezed OJ!

Designer: iomaa

GearBox Keychain

Need a new keychain?  Save yourself the $10 spend and create something yourself that's fun to play with as well.  The gear box keychain has moveable gears that work with one single print.

Designer: brx017

Wine Bottle Holders

Stackable placement system for all of your red and white wines. If you want to keep a few bottles out at a time but need them secured properly, use these printable holders.

Designer: ahagelburg

Nespresso Pods Dispenser

If you have multiple Nespresso flavors in the kitchen, keep them organized and dispense them with ease on demand.

Designer: UltiArjan

Sink Caddy

Organize your sink properly, with a sink caddy. Space for your soaps and sponges are all here.

Designer: SunGear

Food Bag Clips

Don't let your snacks around the house go bad.  Use these clips to seal your chips, nuts, cookies and all the other good perishable stuff in the kitchen.

Designer: srwilson58

Business Card Holder

Instead of carrying your business cards around in your pocket, carry them around in a protective, suave case.

Designer: michback

Hair Comb

Carry this comb in your pocket or purse for quick touchups. This is a really easy, short print.

Designer: polokolsek

Hex Phone Sound Amplifier

Boost the sound from your smartphone with this natural amplifier.

Designed by a PhD to fit easily on any table, this 6 sided print provides excellent sound quality when you want to stream Spotify, Apple Music or Pandora into the room.

Designer: edditive

Heart Shaped Jewelry Box

Store your jewelry in a beautifully designed heart shaped box.  

To earn extra points at home, you can make this within a few hours and gift it to your wife or girlfriend.  You're welcome in advance :)

Designer: alienkim

Money Clip

We love easy, quick prints, and this money clip is exactly that.  Sometimes you just don't want to take your whole wallet with you.  Throw some cash, an ID or some credit cards into this sturdy money clip.

Designer: TheNewHobbyist


Holding a cold drink this winter but want to keep your hands warm?  Easy.  Print these America themed drink coozies, made popular by tailgaters in cold weather spots across the country.

Designer: UrbanAtWork

Drink Coasters

Hosting a party this weekend? These beautifully designed tree themed coasters are thin, strong and nice to look at.

Designer: Tosh

Door Hooks

Need to hang a jacket or a towel at your house?  Use these easy to print door hooks which go over the top of the door and hold your things steady.

Designer: IanYates83

Shopping Bag Handles

Get a grip...on your shopping bags.  Use these well formed handles to increase comfort while walking around with your bags.

Designer: Walter Hsiao

Echo Dot Acoustic Stand

A stand for the Echo Dot which elevates the device off the table and reflects the sound into the room rather than onto the table

Designer: CallJoe

Soap Dish

Be tidy and store your soaps with this beautifully designed dish, perfect for the kitchen and bathroom. 

Designer: +Lab

iPhone X Case

A case designed specifically for the iPhone X.  Includes cutouts for camera, speakers and mute switch. Beveled buttons are on the side for adjusting the volume and power button.

Designer: adafruit

Snowflake Themed Drink Coaster

A coaster for the table in the shape of a snowflake.  Perfect for those drinks by the fireplace this winter.

Designer: pongo

Measuring Cup in the Form of a Cube

A measuring cube that includes 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/4 cup, 1/8 cup, 1/4 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2 tablespoon and 1 tablespoon.

Designer: iomaa