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3.5kg Spools of PLA Filament.  

100% Made in America

Larger, More Cost Effective 3D Printing

Change your spools less and save on the per pound price of your PLA, with larger 3.5kg spools of PLA.

Instead of changing over the filament on your 3d printers every time a 1kg or 1lb roll of PLA runs out, use our 3.5kg spools.  They save you time and money.

Hassle Free 3D Printing

If you're printing large objects or lots of smaller objects, you're constantly changing over 1kg spools.  With 3.5kg rolls, you can print more and change over less.

Saving Dough w/ Larger Spools

By placing 3.5kg worth of PLA onto 1 large spool instead of placing it onto 3-4 smaller spools, we save on production costs.  We pass that savings to you by lowering the per kg cost to $20.

Quality Guaranteed

All of our PLA is backed by a 100% quality guarantee.  Our PLA is trusted by America's leading universities and businesses and if there's an issue with your material, we'll replace it.

3D Printing PLA - 3.5kg Spools

$80 $70

Made in America

All of our PLA is made in America, giving us complete control over production and materials.  This has led to our PLA being trusted at the largest public universities across the country, from California to Texas to New York

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