All Kinds of 3D Printing Filaments

The PETG Filament for Industry

TECH-G is a benchmark filament used in product development cycles at health care, automotive, aerospace and agricultural firms across the globe.

It's an easy to print material, with high strength, durability and proper elongation.  If you need a versatile, trusted filament to use during product development, use TECH-G.

TECH-G was released in 2015 on a limited basis to obtain user feedback on the performance of this high strength PETG filament.  It was developed to not only be high strength, but also have limited elongation.  With TECH-G, the development and design industries have an easy to print material with much higher tensile when 3D Printed and enough elongation so as to be truly useful in functional testing.  It is also FDA approved for direct food and beverage contact.