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2 Pack PLA Filament - 3mm (2kg Total)

ThreeD PLA - Affordable PLA 3D Printer Filament, Always Made in America

 A 2 pack of 1kg PLA filament for 3d printing, with 2% off each roll.  Our PLA is used by top universities, maker spaces, businesses and schools, providing consistent, strong and easy to use filament.  You'll receive a roll of black and a roll of white with this product.

Material Info

PLA is the foundational material for desktop 3d printing, making up a majority of 3d prints worldwide.  It's strong, prints easily on all machines and comes in many colors.

Our PLA is compatible with nearly every 3d printer type, including MakerGear. Airwolf, Type A Machines, Lulzbot, Ultimaker, Raise3D, Robo, RepRap, Prusa, MakerBot and many others.

Ships within 24 hours.


Recommended Extrusion Temperature: 195C-215C

Bed Temperature: 0-70C

Dimensional Accuracy: ±0.06mm

Spool Hole: 50mm

Spool: 200mm

Length: 330m


To learn more about PLA, read our 2018 Guide to Using PLA Filament.

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Why buy from ThreeD Materials?

All of our filaments are manufactured in the United States by engineers with nearly 40 years of experience in plastics extrusion.  When you buy your 3d printing materials with us, you're not only getting excellent filaments, you're getting a partner that can recommend new materials as they're developed.

Our filaments are trusted by these leading companies and universities.