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Polar 3D Printer
polar 3d printer

Cloud Based Polar 3D Printer


3D Printer

Cloud Based Printer Management Software

6 Rolls of 1kg PLA Filament

Full-Time Customer Support

What to Know:

With the free Polar Cloud connectivity built into every printer, you can control, start and monitor prints from anywhere in the world. 
With a 314 cubic inch build volume on a printer that weighs only 10lbs, the Polar 3D Printer is advanced, reliable and versatile. 

Build Envelope: 8" Diameter x 6.25" Height (314 cubic inches)
Which Materials Can I Use? 1.75mm PLA, ABS, Carbon Fiber/Wood Composites
Software: The Polar Cloud
File Types: .stl, .obj, .p3d
Supports: Chromebooks, Mobile Devices, Mac, & PC 
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB

Warranty: Any problems, parts, or errors with your printer will be taken care of right away. Plus when you call for support, you'll get a real person on the phone who knows specifically about fixing Polar3D printers.