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dremel idea builder 3d40 3d printer
Dremel 3D Idea Builder 3D40 3D Printer
Dremel 3D Idea Builder 3D40 3D Printer

Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer Education Suite

The most comprehensive 3d printing kit available to schools, with lesson plans, professional development and responsive customer support.

The new Idea Builder 3d printer comes with an innovative clog-resistant extruder for easier, hassle free 3d printing. With a 1 replacement year warranty and the exclusive UL safety certification, you can be assured that your Idea Builder is safe and reliable to use.  Features like WiFi connectivity and a new App for both Android and iOS devices allow you to print remotely and monitor prints in real time.
The Dremel Idea Builder Education Suite also separates itself by providing dozens of lesson plans and kits for high schools, middle schools and elementary schools, preloaded onto an SD card delivered with your printer.  Add in 4 hours of web based professional development for teachers, so they can learn as much as possible about 3d printing, and you've got the best turn-key 3d printing solution for school.  All for $1599.

Dremel Education Suite Includes:

State of the Art Idea Builder 3D Printer
2 Rolls of Filament
Multiple lesson plans for science and math, at the high school, middle school and elementary school grade levels
4 Hours of Web Based Professional Development For Using 3D Printers
World-Class 1:1 Customer Support
UL Safety Certification
6 Build Plate Sheets
3D Printer Software
    For a more in-depth look at the lesson plans and curriculums for 3d printing, see here.
    Additional Features of Idea Builder Printer:
    1) Wifi Enabled
    2) Mobile App
    3) Clog Resistant Extruder
    4) Assisted Leveling
    5) Large Build Plate
    3d printer education dremel idea builder
    3D Printer Specs:
    Extruder: Single extrusion
    Extruder temperature: Up to 230°C /397°F
    Operating Interface: 3.5” full color IPS touch screen
    Maximum Build Volume: 10” x 6” x 6.7” / 255 mm x 155 mm x 170 mm
    Layer Thickness: 4 mil | 0.004 inches 100 microns | 0.10 mm
    USB Stick: Up to 64GB
    Internal Storage: 4GB
    ONLY builds Dremel PLA filaments
    Filament: 1.75mm PLA (Blodegradable/Renewable)
    One year warranty for non-commercial use

    Windows Requirements
    Print Studio Software runs on 32 and 64-bit Operating Systems Windows 7 or later

    MAC OS X Requirements
    Print Studio Software runs on Mac OS X 10.8 or later
    "The Dremel 3D Idea Builder is truly a plug n' play tool that has made it easier to implement. I spend less time training teachers on how to use and more time on how to integrate.  Integrating the Dremel 3D Idea Builder into our K-12 curriculum has increased student engagement, fostered student creativity, and helped student understanding of core subject concepts that are sometimes lost in translation during lecture." - Mark Simmons, Director of Technology, Sabine Pass ISD
    "The Dremel 3D Idea Builder is unstoppable! It's built to last in an educational setting. It is safe and user friendly! My students are constantly checking out what is printing and planning on what they will print next! Students design with intention - as they now can bring their 2-D conceptual design into the 3-D world! They have the ability to design a 3-D model using a variety of software products that the Idea Builder is ready to print! Holding their design in hand, is magic!" - Susan, Project Lead The Way Instructor, Holmes Junior High School

    "Using 3D technology takes what we learn in class to a whole new level. The children are more inspired to learn about the various parts of an animal cell and its functions when they simultaneously watch the construction and formation of a 3D animal cell. Incorporating this type of technology into their learning allows them to make connections from what they are learning in class to the greater world around them." - Chaidan Leshinski, 5th Grade Math, Joseph Sears School

    Case Studies:

    Lakeview Technology Academy

    Austin Tinkering School