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MakerBot Education Bundle

MakerBot Education Bundle

If your school needs an education suite for 3d printing that includes multiple 3d printers, months worth of filament material, easy to use software applications and access to hundreds of lesson plans with peer-to-peer teacher learning, the MakerBot Education Suite is an exceptional choice.
The Education Bundle Includes:
Two MakerBot Replicator+ Desktop 3D Printers
Two MakerCare Preferred 1-Year Plans for Each 3D Printer
Two Smart Extruder+ for Replicator+ Desktop 3D Printer
Two Ten-Packs of PLA Filament in Large Spools
MakerBot's Easy to Use 3D Printing Softwares
Continous Professional Development Webinars
One Copy of MakerBot in the Classroom


Real World Applications for STEAM

MakerBot offers a full set of solutions and services that enable students to tackle real world problems at any grade level.

Classroom Ready Content 

With MakerBot, educators can connect to Thingiverse Education, a community rich in content and access to tools that are easy to deploy.

Immersive Learning

By choosing to 3d print with MakerBot, educators can make learning immersive through sight and touch, transforming the students of today into the innovators of tomorrow.

Case Studies

Nishuane Elementary

Learn how this school is building a STEAM foundation by introducing MakerBot 3D Printers to students at an early age

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PS 15 Patrick F. Daly School of the Arts

Find out how PS 15 relies on MakerBot to create a fun, immersive environment that transforms students learning

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