PLA 3D Printer Filament Multipack
PLA 3D Printer Filament MultipackPLA 3D Printer Filament MultipackPLA 3D Printer Filament Multipack
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PLA Filament Multipack

Save BIG on your PLA filament with a multipack.  Instead of purchasing 1 roll at a time, receive a 5, 10 or 20 pack for your 3d printing lab, with a full mix of colors included and a discounted rate per roll.

Our PLA is used by top universities, maker spaces, businesses and schools, providing consistent, strong and visually appealing filament.

PLA is a multi-use material and one of the most commonly used for 3D printing. It is made from sustainable natural products, making it biodegradable and friendly to the environment when compared to other 3d printing materials.

Our PLA is compatible with just about every 3d printer available on the market, including but not limited to: Lulzbot, Ultimaker, MakerBot, Printrbot, Airwolf, Leapfrog, Type A Machines, MakerGear, MBot, Prusa, Monoprice, FlashForge, DeltaWASP, MendelMax, Wanhao, Robo3D.

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Customer Feedback

"Have bought a bunch of 5 packs from these guys. Filament also shows up quickly and prints well. Can't ask for more than that, especially if you're doing large prints like we do." - Sam P.

"A friend recommended we try this material because we've been using the same filament for a while and we're looking for something new. 

We liked the idea of multiple colors but the most important part for us was that the material held up nicely during long prints. i have to say this is about as good as I've seen. Some other companies will have good rolls and then you'll buy from them again and they're not as good. What I've liked about this material is that it's very consistent. Will def be buying more for myself and recommend to friends in future." - Mike V.

"We've bought filaments from this company for nearly a year and they always print really well. Definitely recommend if you do a lot of printing. The filaments print nicely at 195C and we do a lot of prototyping so we need strong material - which this is.We used to purchase filament individually but found this option to be a bit better because we do a lot of printing and this option is cheaper on a per roll basis.There's a lot of sub-par filament out there so it's good to go with the same company - provided you like their material - and we've had good experiences with this." - Jacob T.