All Kinds of 3D Printing Filaments

Proto-Pasta High Temp Carbon Fiber PLA Filament 3mm

Proto-Pasta High-Temp Carbon Fiber PLA combines one of the world's favorite 3d printing filaments - Proto-Pasta Carbon Fiber - with their high performance High Temperature PLA. The result is a high strength, easily printable filament that can be heat treated for higher temperature performance and increased heat deflection.
If you're looking for strong, beautiful, easy to use filament that's more advanced that a basic PLA or ABS, this is an excellent choice.
Regular, prolonged use of Carbon Fiber PLA may require you to replace the nozzle on your 3d printer slightly sooner than if using only PLA.

Print Settings

Extruder temperature: 190C - 210C


Filament will arrive in 3-5 business days, with free shipping.


If you're not sure which filament to use, watch our 3D Printing Materials Guide and we'll tell you the right one.