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matte fiber htpla 3d printer filament

Proto-Pasta Matte Fiber HTPLA Gray 3mm

Matte Fiber HTPLA is one of the newest filaments on the market.  It gives your 3d prints bold, beautiful color with the look of carbon fiber, but it's a completely plant based filament.  Printed parts have a matte finish, which provides strong contrast when exposed to light and the filament is as easy to print with as PLA.
If you're looking for a new filament and you want the texture and color to really pop, Matte Fiber HTPLA is the one.
Filament will arrive in 3-5 business days, with free shipping.
Extrusion Temperatures: 190C-230C
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If you're not sure which filament to use, watch our 3D Printing Materials Guide and we'll tell you the right one.
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