Taulman T-Glase 3D Printer Filament
Taulman T-Glase 3D Printer FilamentTaulman T-Glase 3D Printer FilamentTaulman T-Glase 3D Printer FilamentTaulman T-Glase 3D Printer FilamentTaulman T-Glase 3D Printer Filament
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T-Glase Filament from taulman3D

High strength, beautiful translucence and ease of use have made t-glase 3d printing materials a favorite of designers and engineers worldwide for over half a decade.

Since the inception of t-glase, other PET based filaments have become quite popular, attempting to mimic the beauty and strength of t-glase.  

Each roll of taulman3D's t-glase filament is manufactured in the United States, ensuring complete control over the supply chain to ensure premium performance.

Choose from clear, blue, red, black and green and know that your material is backed by the research and development that goes into every taulman3D filament.

Customer Feedback

"Please keep producing this material, it's great. Looks like selenite, a natural mineral." - Gene (November, 2018) 

"I got the clear t-glase and so far have had good luck with it. I'm using a Makergear M2 and have found the best extruder temp for me is 240C with a 70C bed directly on glass. I was having some adhesion problems at lower temperates but at 70C it sticks as well if not better than anything else i've tried (PLA, ABS, NinjaFlex, Laywood, TPU)" - Elliot W. (September, 2018)

"Well, this stuff is fun! I'm pretty new to 3D printing, but I'm enjoying trying new filament and so far this one has been great. It was a bit finicky to get printing right (I put down blue painters tape and coated it with a glue stick), but it's absolutely beautiful." - Jesse W. (November, 2017)

"Put simply, I love this stuff. The things I've printed from T-Glase are very strong, and about as translucent as you can ever get from a 3D printer." - M. Dippel (April, 2016)