Taulman3D Nylon 645 3D Printer Filament
Taulman3D Nylon 645 3D Printer FilamentTaulman3D Nylon 645 3D Printer Filament
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Nylon 645 3D Printing Filament

Nylon 645 was developed specifically for 3d printing, to provide a high strength Nylon 6 that's easy to use while providing industrial strength.

The material has been a favorite of industrial designers and engineers around the world for many years now, due to it's reliability, consistency and durability.  There are plenty of other knockoff nylons available for purchase, but Nylon 645 has earned its reputation for providing high heat and chemical resistance.

The industrial community made requests for a higher strength nylon, as well as a polymer that was easier to evaluate in the final part/print. taulman3D worked with industry to develop nylon 645 with a crystallinity optimization process. This provides a high degree of transparency. The transparency allows the industrial quality control groups to evaluate printed parts without destructive evaluation. They can easily look through the perimeters and make a determination as to the adhesion of inner fills. 

 645 is a 50% transparent white color.  Also as a nylon 6T variant, clumping is almost non-existent. 645 is a preferred polymer when parts to be printed will be subject to high stresses. As an extremely durable polymer, it handles stress at elevated temperatures.

This is a 1lb roll of material. 

Customer Feedback

"When I got my 3d Printer I was happy but unhappy seeing how easy I could break my PLA and ABS prints. I'm rough on a lot of my stuff, I tighten things too tight without knowing it and break stuff all the time but this stuff I can not break even a .1mm layer thick piece of anything.  

 This will be my stuff i use for any functional part. It can withstand being scraped against very rough concrete with no marks. It's got a slick finish. I wouldn't say slippery but rather like something slick and slippery when wet." - Danny P.

"Good filament. I've used it for pretty small gears which seem to hold up pretty well. The filament is a little transparent when thin but absorbs dye very well if you're not a fan of being able to see the innards of the part. When dyed black for instance its appearance is identical to black abs/ pla.I've found that it sticks well when printed on a heated bed with glue stick applied." - ARC

"Love this stuff. Use it to clean nozzles and print self lubricating gears" - Henry S.